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[movies]John Legend: Wake Up - PopTech
Accompanied only by his piano, Grammy award-winning recording artist and philanthropist John Legend performs the soulful "Wake Up" and "Shine" from his album, Wake Up!, including a song that appears on the soundtrack to the documentary Waiting for Superman.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Music; Culture; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 2,395
[movies]Eben Upton: Raspberry Pi - PopTech
Eben Upton, founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, shows how he is hooking a new generation of kids on computer programming. "I remember sitting down with my wife for dinner...and we had this sudden, appalling realization that we had promised 600,000 people that we would build them a $25 dollar computer."
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Technology; DIY; Emerging technology; PopTech iceland 2012; Robotics; Sustainability; Youth
Downloads: 4,330
[movies]Margret Pala: Educating children differently - PopTech
Margret Pala is a preschool management specialist in Iceland who advocates sex-segregated classes, natural play material instead of conventional toys, and a long-forgotten belief in discipline to develop optimism, courage, and resiliency in young children. "Feel the cold! I even take them into the snow -- and then the lava. Scream a little bit! But continue! And enjoy it!"
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Culture; Education; PopTech iceland 2012; Youth
Downloads: 462
[movies]Bernard Lietaer: Money diversity - PopTech
Bernard Lietaer argues that the monoculture of money is what creates economic instability, leading to liquidity crises. He calls for a greater diversity of alternative currencies, citing innovative and enormously successful initiatives like the Lithuanian Doraland Economy, the Torekes in Belgium and Switzerland's famous alternative currency, the WIR.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Business; PopTech 2011; Economics; Development; Innovation; Design; DIY
Downloads: 56
[movies]Ellen Langer: Mindfulness over matter
Harvard psychology professor Ellen Langer discusses the surprising power of being present during everyday activities. "We have many, many studies that suggest that the limits we assume are real are artificial, and that we don't have to accept them at all."
Keywords: mind; PopTech 2013; psychology
Downloads: 118
[movies]Iain Couzin: Collective behavior - PopTech
Iain Couzin studies how animals coordinate behavior. He has discovered that locust plagues don't occur because the insects are cooperating. Rather, it is a forced march: if they stop, they risk being cannibalized. Such insights help communities to track oncoming outbreaks while also challenging scientists' theories of collective animal behavior.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; PopTech 2011; Biology; Collaboration; Science Fellows; Science Fellows 2011
Downloads: 41
[movies]Stephen Vitiello: Intimate Listening - PopTech
From composing electronic music to scoring experimental videos to making larger-scale public installations that create immersive soundscapes, sound artist Stephen Vitiello invites his audience to reinterpret sound. He took us on a sonic tour of his work including recordings from a 1999 residency at the World Trade Center and his sound installation at New York City's High Line, "A Bell for Every Minute."
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Music; PopTech 2010; Art
Downloads: 207
[movies]Andri Magnason: Iceland, human experiment - PopTech
From the Icelandic food store chain, Bonus, to the midnight sun, everyday Iceland inspires activist poet Andri Magnason. His poetry and children's books reflect his deep connection to his homeland as does the way he's schooled himself--and the public--on preserving Iceland's beauty and natural resources.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Activism; Environment; Language; Literature; Poetry; PopTech iceland 2012
Downloads: 196
[movies]Imogen Heap: Hide and Seek - PopTech
Imogen Heap plays a stripped-down version of what she says is her most popular song, "Hide and Seek." It came together by accident one night when her computer died and she was forced to look at her instruments in a new way.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Music; Art; Environment; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 473
[movies]Asenath Andrews: The school for self reliance - PopTech
Asenath Andrews founded the Catherine Ferguson Academy, an alternative public high school in Detroit for teen mothers that also provides early education services for their children. The school blends an innovative curriculum with urban farming and a healthy dose of high expectations. "If I expect that you are going to have a future, then you expect it."
Downloads: 25
[movies]Reuben Margolin's Kinetic Art - PopTech
First inspired by the mysterious and mathematical qualities of a caterpillar's crawl, artist Reuben Margolin creates large-scale kinetic sculptures that use pulleys and motors to create the complex movements and structures we see in nature. Margolin takes to the PopTech stage to share some of his extraordinary mechanical installations.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Design; Art; Engineering; PopTech 2009
Downloads: 45
[movies]Chris Jordan: Polluting Plastics - PopTech
Photographer Chris Jordan specializes in large-scale works that depict the magnitude of our consumerism and its impact on our environment. In one of the most emotional presentations at PopTech 2009, Jordan shares heart-wrenching images of birds killed by ingesting plastics that increasingly pollute our oceans.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Environment; Ecology; Art; PopTech 2009; Sustainability
Downloads: 133
[movies]Didier Sornette: Predicting risk - PopTech
Didier Sornette is a professor of entrepreneurial risks in Zurich. He explores data patterns to help predict crises and extreme events in complex systems, like global financial crises.
Downloads: 341
[movies]Paula Kahumbu: Conservation 2.0 - PopTech
As executive director of WildlifeDirect, 2009 PopTech Fellow Paula Kahumbu is building a global wildlife conservation community that connects conservationists and their supporters through blogs and direct funding. The goal: a movement powerful enough to reverse catastrophic species loss in Africa and around the world.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Environment; Africa; Fellows; Sustainability; Technology; Community; Social Innovation; PopTech 2009; Social Innovation Fellows 2009
Downloads: 22
[movies]Graham Hill: Life Edited - PopTech
Treehugger founder Graham Hill announced the launch of a new online design competition, Life Edited, and asked all interested parties to weigh in on how he can best design his new 420 square foot New York City apartment. Offering up to $70,000 in prizes, Life Edited is raising the stakes for low-impact designers.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Design; Ecology; Environment; Green; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 24
[movies]Siddhartha Mukherjee: The Cancer Puzzle - PopTech
Siddhartha Mukherjee's fascination with cancer is rooted not just in how to fight it, but in where it originated. Discovering almost nothing on the subject, the cancer physician and researcher wrote "Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer," that explores the history of the disease that causes one-quarter of all American deaths.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; PopTech 2010; Medicine; Health
Downloads: 239
[movies]Megan Mukuria: Keep girls in school - PopTech
What causes African girls to miss up to 1.5 months of school each year? By providing access to sanitary pads, ZanaAfrica, founded by Megan Mukuria, is giving girls the freedom and self-confidence to stay in school, while also connecting the community of young women through an online forum that allows them to share information via social media.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; PopTech 2011; Health; Culture; Education; Fellows; Africa; Community; Social Innovation Fellows 2011; Social Innovation Fellows
Downloads: 132
[movies]Alan Rabinowitz: Saving Big Cats - PopTech
Alan Rabinowitz overcame a debilitating stutter to lend his voice on behalf of big cats. After creating the world's first jaguar sanctuary and world's largest tiger reserve, the wildlife biologist now calls for new models of conservation that rely on wildlife corridors to allow humans and animals to coexist more peacefully.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Environment; PopTech 2010; Sustainability; Ecology; Big Systems; Activism
Downloads: 32
[movies]Christen Lien: Viola Expressions - PopTech
Violist Christen Lien combines her classical training with experimental acoustic and electronic sounds and a looping machine. What results is mesmerizing, layers of music that one fan called "a bridge to the divine." This song, "Unconditional," appears on Lien's debut album Vol I: Battle Cry.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Music; Culture; Living Systems DC Salon 2010
Downloads: 24
[movies]Pardis Sabeti: Genome clues - PopTech
Using genomes as an archeological record, Pardis Sabeti studies the patterns of natural selection. Why do some people have genetic resistance to disease while others do not? Her work has taken her throughout Africa to research the deadly Lassa fever and help doctors and nurses find a cure.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Health; PopTech 2011; Medicine; Biology; Science Fellows; Resilience; Science Fellows 2011
Downloads: 37
[movies]Adrian Anantawan: Accessible music - PopTech
Born without a right hand, Adrian Anantawan began the violin at nine and has since established himself as a rising star in classical music. He helped to create the Virtual Chamber Music Initiative at the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab Centre -- a cross-collaborative project that develops adaptive musical instruments for use by young persons with disabilities within a chamber music setting.
Downloads: 29
[movies]Mohammed Rezwan: Floating schools - PopTech
Climate change is exacerbating flooding in waterlogged Bangladesh. Already, hundreds of schools get wiped out during the monsoon season. Mohammed Rezwan builds floating schools, healthcare facilities and libraries. "If 20 percent of the land goes under water, which may happen in the next 10 to 20 years, where will these people go? We don't have enough space, enough land. People have to live on the water in some way."
Downloads: 374
[movies]Deb Levine: 21st Century Sex Ed - PopTech
2009 PopTech Fellow Deb Levine founded ISIS - Internet Sexuality Information Services - in 2001 to promote sexual health. Using the web, mobile phones and other media, ISIS gives people private and convenient access to information on critical health issues like HIV prevention and unplanned pregnancies.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Health; Education; Technology; Fellows; PopTech 2009; Social Innovation Fellows 2009; Women; Youth; Internet
Downloads: 222
[movies]Justin Gallivan: Custom Bacteria - PopTech
2010 Science and Public Leadership Fellow Justin Gallivan is amazed by bacteria. You can get them to do almost anything. For instance, e. coli bacteria can be programmed to eat atrazine, a widely used herbicide that contaminates ground water. The key? Being able to program them to solve pressing eco-challenges.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Fellows; Science Fellows 2010; Environment; PopTech 2010; Water; Ecology
Downloads: 41
[movies]David de Rothschild and the Plastiki expedition - PopTech
David de Rothschild is on a mission. Alarmed by the devastating impact of plastic pollution in the ocean, the eco-adventurer built the Plastiki, a boat made from 12,000 plastic bottles. In it, he and his crew of nautical nomads sail halfway around the world to alert the public about this ecological crisis and the need to reuse discarded plastics.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Environment; Activism; Ocean; Water; PopTech 2010; Green; Ecology
Downloads: 80
[movies]Riley Crane: Crowdsource win - PopTech
Riley Crane, a postdoctoral fellow at the MIT Media Lab, found out about the DARPA Red Balloon Challenge four days before it started (find ten balloons placed in ten different locations around the country). Four days, eight hours, and 52 minutes later his team had won the competition. Watch him talk about how they did it and the challenges they encountered in the process.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Technology; Data; Culture; PopTech 2010; Crowdsourcing; Collaboration
Downloads: 219
[movies]Jonathan Greenblatt: New models for social progress - PopTech
Jonathan Greenblatt, the White House's new head of Social Innovation and Civic Participation, describes the rise of an "impact economy" - a new approach to social problem solving that involves impact investing and new hybrids of business and philanthropy to scale social progress.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Business; PopTech 2011; Community; Collaboration; DIY; Governance
Downloads: 86
[movies]Jonathan Wilker: Nature's glue
Jonathan Wilker shows how adhesives derived from animals, like barnacles, might one day be used in medicine. "Wouldn't it be better if we could just glue you back together? Wouldn't it be cool if we could take sutures and put them out of business?"
Keywords: PopTech 2013; Science Fellows 2013
Downloads: 16
[movies]Kevin Slavin: Debunking luck
Pioneering gamer Kevin Slavin takes the PopTech audience on a colorful tour of the history of luck in America, games of chance, gambling and mathematical formulas. "That's amazing, the idea that anything that seems to be built out of chance or instinct or luck can yield to a computational assault."
Keywords: Games; PopTech 2013
Downloads: 16
[movies]Will Allen on Urban Farming - PopTech
Will Allen is co-founder and director of Growing Power, Inc., an organization that is transforming the production and delivery of healthy foods to underserved, urban populations. Growing Power operates as an urban farm and education center in Milwaukee, WI, and more recently, Chicago, teaching urban youth how to produce low-cost healthy foods for their communities.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Health; Food; Farming; Green; Community; Urbanization; Social Innovation; PopTech 2009
Downloads: 222
[movies]David Agus:Disease data
David Agus envisions a new era of preventative medicine based on hard data about what really ails us, and that employs research, genetics and health care designed to stave off disease before it starts. "I want doctors to be more like weather forecasters and not biologists."
Keywords: Health; Medicine; PopTech; 2012
Downloads: 65
[movies]Zach Lieberman: Creative teaching
Zach Lieberman talks about teaching creativity in the information age at his School for Poetic Computation. "We are not sitting in front of a screen. We are trying to create a space for reimagining what is possible."
Keywords: creativity; Education; PopTech 2013
Downloads: 24
[movies]Esther Wang: Measure impact
Esther Wang shares techniques for identifying whether billions of dollars in social interventions actually do measurable good. "Measuring impact is a challenge, but it is also critical and billions of lives depend on it."
Keywords: philanthropy; PopTech 2013; Social Innovation Fellows 2013
Downloads: 12
[movies]Justin Gallivan: Hacking Bacteria - PopTech
Justin Gallivan is an Emory University chemist who explores the boundaries of biology by engineering bacteria to behave in predictable ways. Gallivan's research on reprogrammable bacteria has important implications for complex challenges such as the need to track and clean up environmental pollutants.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Biology; Living Systems DC Salon 2010; Engineering; Environment; Funny
Downloads: 302
[movies]Logan Richardson: Improvisations - PopTech
Logan Richardson's alto saxophone compositions have been hailed by the Jazz Times as "incisive, multi-dimensional and remarkably flexible, wrapping and twisting phrases into unexpected origami shapes." At PopTech 2009, Richardson's improvisations muse on America at a critical crossroads.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Music; PopTech 2009; Culture
Downloads: 109
[movies]Brian Elliot: Friend Power - PopTech
Brian Elliot founded Friendfactor to unlock the power of friendship to accelerate legal freedoms for LGBT people. Friendfactor's innovative social networking platform shifts the focus of gay rights from ideology towards a far more personal concept: friends making a difference in their gay friends' lives.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Fellows; Social Innovation Fellows 2010; Activism; Politics; Culture; PopTech 2010; Freedom; Community
Downloads: 270
[movies]Moran Cerf: Hacking the brain - PopTech
Moran Cerf is a neuroscientist who has shown how to project patients' thoughts onto a screen in front of their eyes by implanting electrodes deep inside their brains and reading the activity of cells. Oh, and he used to rob banks. "There are at least two people inside our mind."
Downloads: 26
[movies]Porter and Mykleby: A Grand Strategy for the Nation - PopTech
Naval Captain Wayne Porter and Col. Mark Mykleby of the Marines, military strategists working at the highest level of government, present highlights from their paper, "A National Strategic Narrative." Their ideas--less military force, more social capital and more sustainable practices in energy and agriculture--have caused a recent stir in policy communities.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; PopTech 2011; Politics; Democracy; Governance; Resilience; Nationalism
Downloads: 31
[movies]Sean Gourley: Tracking Innovation - PopTech
Sean Gourley is a mathematician who has spent the last seven years using math to understand war and insurgency. He is now applying that understanding to develop ways to map technology companies - in search of the "technology genome."
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Fellows; Science Fellows 2010; Business; PopTech 2010; Mapping; Technology
Downloads: 28
[movies]Stephanie Coontz: On Marriage - PopTech
What makes an ideal marriage? Stephanie Coontz, a professor of history and family studies and author of "Marriage, A History: How Love Conquered Marriage," says that marrying for love is a radical idea. Ironically, as marriage is becoming a more emotionally satisfying relationship, it is also becoming less stable as an institution.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Culture; Psychology; PopTech 2010; Language
Downloads: 235
[movies]Kevin Dunbar on unexpected science - PopTech
Psychology professor Kevin Dunbar studies how scientists approach the unexpected and learn from mistakes. Over the course of a year, Dunbar's team studied the habits of four molecular biology labs. They found that those labs most successful at turning mistakes into new theories tended to be more diverse and willing to take risks.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Psychology; Education; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 19
[movies]Bhagwan Chowdhry's Financial Access at Birth - PopTech
Bhagwan Chowdhry started Financial Access at Birth (FAB), which aims to give every child born in the world an initial deposit of $100 in an online bank account so the next generation would have access to financial services in a few decades.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Business; PopTech 2011; Economics; Development; Poverty; Design; DIY
Downloads: 10
[movies]Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg: Synthetic aesthetics - PopTech
Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, designer, artist and writer, explores the social, ethical and cultural implications of emerging technologies, especially synthetic biology. Her projects open up a creative space to imagine the potential scientific triumphs and disasters on the horizon.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Design; PopTech 2011; Art; Biology; Innovation; Emerging Tech
Downloads: 229
[movies]Laura Stachel: Solar Saves Lives - PopTech
Laura Stachel and Hal Aronson founded WE CARE Solar, which designs solar-powered systems to meet essential maternity care needs. These portable, suitcase-sized systems are immediately operational and expandable. Powering lighting and communication equipment, they enable timely and appropriate emergency care for mothers and infants.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Energy; Fellows; Social Innovation Fellows 2010; Health; Africa; PopTech 2010; Women; Poverty; Solar
Downloads: 41
[movies]Ned Breslin: Fixing the Water Crisis - PopTech
"Is water still running?" is perhaps the most important question for water initiatives worldwide, concludes Water for People CEO Ned Breslin. He's tired of seeing broken hand pumps and taps litter Africa, Asia, and Latin America. These signs of failed projects underscore the critical need to overhaul water aid for real impact.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Technology; Development; Water; Mobile; Data; Innovation; Africa; PopTech 2010; Social Innovation
Downloads: 65
[movies]Lisa Gansky: The Future is Sharing - PopTech
Technology entrepreneur Lisa Gansky believes that the growing ubiquity of networked information and relationships are leading to what she calls a "mesh" economy of shared services and products. This "meshiness" not only rewards sharing over ownership, but it is also fundamentally changing our relationship with things from product to experience.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Business; Culture; Design; Innovation; Entrepreneur; Economics; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 226
[movies]Nicole Kuepper: Low-cost Solar - PopTech
Ph.D. candidate Nicole Kuepper has been passionate about solar energy since she received a toy solar-powered car for her 8th birthday. Kuepper has recently patented a simple low-temperature process for printing low-cost solar cells that could make solar energy affordable across the developing world.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Energy; Poverty; DIY; Development; Solar; Climate; PopTech 2009
Downloads: 48
[movies]Colin Rich's Near Space Images - PopTech
Colin Rich captures fantastic images of the world from 24 miles in space. He creates his amazing videos and still photographs with simple system that includes high-altitude weather balloons, hacked video cameras and a GPS system to track the cameras wherever they land. Read and watch more on the PopTech blog.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Design; Science; Photography; Space; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 166
[movies]Ben Lyon: Mobile Microcredit - PopTech
Ben Lyon founded FrontlineSMS:Credit to allow microfinance institutions to send and receive secure loan payments, track loans and develop a micro-insurance model using the ubiquitous mobile phone.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Business; Fellows; Social Innovation Fellows 2010; Development; Finance; PopTech 2010; BoP; Mobile; Microfinance
Downloads: 297
[movies]Peter Kareiva is upbeat on the environment - PopTech
Peter Kareiva is the chief scientist for the Nature Conservancy. A member of the National Academy of Sciences, Kareiva is often noted for his emphasis on nature's resiliency, rather than its impending doom. "Totally unnecessarily we get into a conversation where it is farmers versus conservation, where it is loggers versus conservation, where it is fishermen versus conservation."
Downloads: 241
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